In every generation, there is a call to the Church to rise up courageously to meet the needs set before us. Today, our greatest need is the 3.1 billion people who have yet to hear the Gospel – most of them who live in the “hardest and darkest” places of the world. For the Gospel Messengers, this is our frontier. Jesus looks at these places with deep compassion and says “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” to which we get to respond – SEND US! We aim to be like Paul, who said “it has always been my ambition to preach the Gospel where Christ was not known, so that… those who were not told about Him will see, and those who have not heard will understand.”

This summer, get trained and launched into the nations to share the Gospel with someone who may have never heard it before.

*All outreaches will be within the Middle East, Asia, or N.Africa*


*Ages 18-30 (exceptions may apply, see FAQ);
unable to take families with children


In the summer of 1886, God sovereignly gripped the heart of 100 college students for the foreign mission field, birthing one of the greatest missions movement in history. That group, known as the Mount Hermon 100, quickly multiplied to 20,000 college students who voluntarily laid down their lives for the Gospel in the foreign mission field and left a lasting legacy that continues to this day.

We believe that God is about to grip the heart of college students all across America once again to catalyze another mighty missions sending movement to the most unreached places of the earth. 

This summer, in the spirit of the Mt. Hermon 100, we are calling 100 college-age students to say “YES” to being part of the next wave of messengers reaching the nations!

Will you respond to the call?



JUNE 8-22, 2024

*March 29th*

Outreach Locations: Summer 2024

  • LOCATION: Mindanao, Philippines
  • SPOTS AVAILABLE: 3-5 (specifically seeking male applicants)
  • TYPE OF MINISTRY: Outreach to the tribes in jungle; feeding program; compassion ministry; kids ministry; Jesus film; evangelism; house visits; prayer for the sick; working with & strengthening local believers 
  • LOCATION: Northern Thailand
  • TYPE OF MINISTRY: Ministry to Buddhists; outreach to the tribal Thai villages; kids ministry; school outreaches; Burmese refugee ministry; house to house visits; discipleship opportunities with Thai/Burmese youth; sharing testimonies etc
  • LOCATION: a Hindu nation 
  • TYPE OF MINISTRY: hiking to remote villages, evangelism, outreach to unreached people groups, strengthening local believers, praying for the sick, house visits, compassion ministry
  • LOCATION: a Hindu nation 
  • TYPE OF MINISTRY: going to remote villages, open-air gospel presentations, outreach to unreached people groups, strengthening local believers,  praying for the sick, house visits, kids ministry, compassion ministry
  • LOCATION: Arab gulf nation
  • TYPES OF MINISTRY: street / mall evangelism to young muslims, starting discovery bible studies, treasure hunts, strengthening and encouraging local church with believers from all over M.E., praying for sick, worship & prayer
  • **NOTE**: We are aware of the political tensions in this region and are in communication with contacts on the ground for safety updates.  We believe it will be safe but are ready to change things last minute if needed.
  • LOCATION: Levant region
  • TYPES OF MINISTRY: refugee ministry, kids ministry, house visits, strengthening local believers, prayer & worship, compassion ministry, evangelism, treasure hunts etc
  • **NOTE**: We are aware of the political tensions in this region and are in communication with contacts on the ground for safety updates.  We believe it will be safe but are ready to change things last minute if needed.

Messengers' Frontier 2023


  • A witch doctor’s wife gave her life to Jesus

  • A woman who was born deaf / mute & casted out to a leper colony got healed and her first words EVER spoken was “Yesu!”

  • 1 woman from a very poor, remote, unreached village gave her life to Jesus and got baptized (which is illegal in the nation she is from)

  • The gospel was preached in a very unreached, poor village heavily oppressed by communists and afterwards, the village chief said he wanted a church planted there!

  • 3 Sudanese refugees, who escaped war very recently, got healed of pain in their bodies during team’s house visits
  • The Philippines team had planned on going to a tribal village for weeks, but suddenly they said they couldn’t come. The team interceded and contended in prayer, and made an appeal to the government/village leaders, and they got permission! But not only that… MULTIPLE village chiefs invited them to come to THEIR village with the Gospel! We asked for 1 village & God opened up a whole region!
  • SALVATIONS: 425 
  • HEALINGS: 39


Roughly $3500, which includes outreach airfare from KC and back.

Dates will include arrival to Kansas City, commissioning, outreach, & debrief. 

Official KC arrival day: if you can arrive to KC on June 7th, please come then. June 8 arrival is also possible before 4pm.
Departure day back home: June 22nd  

We will do our best to accommodate each applicant’s first or second choice, but it will depend on spots available on the team and, ultimately, a prayerful, discernment process from the team leaders.

Accommodations will most likely be a shared space with several other team members, and though we will do our best to set up comfortable arrangements, we ask that team members be flexible and willing to sleep in uncomfortable situations.

It depends on the outreach location and how many they can host, but it can be anywhere from 10-15 people.

You do not need any previous missions experience (unless stated otherwise for specific locations) but we do ask that you would be willing to grow in God’s heart for missions and be challenged in ways you haven’t been before!

To the degree that we can plan things on our end, it will be safe. We are committed to the safety of our teams, and would not willingly put our teams in dangerous situations. With that said, we do ask that all team members abide by the protocols required by our contacts to not endanger the long-term workers, or cause unnecessary obstacles for the trip.

The cost includes outreach airfare from KC, visas, housing, food, transportation and ministry costs, health insurance for the trip, room & board for the few days in KC. It does not include your transportation to KC and back home.

$1,000 deposit due March 15th

$1,500 due April 12th

Rest of fees due May 10th

Yes, we will be having a series of required zoom trainings, as well as sending out a few resources in the weeks prior, and 1-2 days in KC for in-person training.

We do not require COVID vaccinations to go on these outreaches, but depending on the location, you may need to take a COVID test to enter the country. We will be abiding by the local COVID guidelines on the ground in order to honor local authorities and be effective witnesses in these nations.

If you DO NOT have a passport, please apply for it ASAP. In order to travel, your passport must expire at least 6 months AFTER your trip. Please double check that your passport expires AFTER Jan 1, 2025 and that there is enough space for stamps/visas.

If you DON’T have a passport, please apply for your passport ASAP, if you are applying for the outreaches. There is an option for expediting the process, which we would strongly recommend, especially because it could take months for it to arrive, and we need it for flights and visas.

Unfortunately donations for this outreach are *NOT* tax-deductible. We suggest to ask your donors to give through your church and have your church pay the fees on your behalf so that your donors can still get a tax-deductible receipt.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to coordinate international applicants coming directly to the outreach locations.

Applicants for the Messengers’ Frontier must be at least 18.  The age group we are specifically inviting to go on these trips is 18-30 years old. We may consider & accept older applicants, but more as exceptions.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept applications for families with young children, as these trips are not catered to needs of families.  The only exception for this, if any, will be for our YWAM KC staff families.

Questions? Contact us!