Five months that will set you up with the tools to change the world and have a life of intimacy with God.




SEPT 12, 2024

The Experience

World class Bible teaching

We spend 3 months in prayer, Bible study and community. Our model has been transforming lives and equipping young leaders for over 50 years!

Outreach will expand your horizons

The second three months is what we call “outreach phase”. During outreach, you will travel to one of our approved locations to make an impact in some of the most important and disadvantaged areas of the world

Photos from past Messengers schools


Explore a Focus

We believe the Lord has gifted us with specific passions and interests.

When you sign up for Messengers DTS, you will have the opportunity to choose a targeted focus. In it you will receive specific training for select hours in the week.

Music (Worship and Prayer)


Basketball (Athlete)

Training Details


September DTS 2024

Sep 19 – Feb 14, 2025

January DTS 2025

Jan 9 – June 6, 2025

Core Outreach Locations





South Africa



Focus Options

Music (Worship and Prayer)
Basketball (Athlete)
Justice and Compassion

Training Phase Pricing*

Messengers DTS 2023

Country A


Country B


Country C


*Pricing depends on your passport country. See list of Country Categories
Costs for outreach will be announced during the training phase. The cost is between $3,500-$5200 depending on location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hit the “Apply Now” button and fill out the application (takes about 10 mins). At the end use the link to pay the $35 application fee. Once our team receives the leader/mentor reference they will pray into acceptance. Upon acceptance you will receive confirmation through an email or call. You will also receive the simple steps to help prepare you to come (up-to-date passport, packing list, fundraise coaching if needed, etc). 

Our primary outreach locations are in Asia, Africa, and South America. We also have sent teams to many other places as well. 

Q: What is YWAM?


YWAM (standing for Youth With A Mission) is one of the largest non-denominational Christian missions organizations in the world! YWAM is a global movement of Christians from different ages, nationalities, and backgrounds dedicated to one thing: to serve Jesus all throughout the world. YWAM was started in the 1960’s by Loren Cunningham, working in a few locations with the focus of getting young people involved with missions. Now, over 50 years later, that’s still the focus of YWAM but now working in more than 1,100 locations in over 180 countries! There are over 200 locations that train young people. YWAM has many ministries going on, but it’s mainly categorized into three categories: evangelism, training and mercy ministry.


DTS stands for Discipleship Training School. DTS is the most successful training school of its kind in church history, and is the core training program for YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have participated in this school. DTS seeks to bring you into a more intimate relationship with God. It also gives you an opportunity to discover your passions and your part in God’s purposes for the world. It’s a 6 month training school that is split into two phases; training phase and outreach phase.


We strongly encourage you to at least start an application, and go through the process of getting accepted first. If you get accepted, we have resources available to help you overcome obstacles and fundraise. In addition to fundraising before you come, we will also have fundraising classes during the training phase.


Some of the important things to make sure you have prepared are:

* Passport: Make sure that your passport isn’t expired and that the expiration date is more than 6 months out from the last day of your DTS. 

* Health insurance: You do need to have insurance when you come and do a DTS here. Meaning you need to make sure that you either have personal insurance, or you can actually purchase insurance when you come here! We go through a company called “Talent Trust” and the cost of the insurance is not included in your tuition fee. It will be a separate charge.