Why Worship and Prayer?

The Worship & Prayer Focus is led by One Eleven Global. This focus will help you develop your skills in music, voice, leading worship, leading prayer, or prophetic art. In the context of a vibrant prayer room, you’ll be a part of a worship team and be equipped to lead worship and prayer.

  • Growing in your skill as a musician
  • Learning to facilitate corporate worship and prayer
  • Developing your vocals
  • Understanding how to use worship and prayer cross-culturally

What we learn:

Worship and Prayer Focus Leaders

Kira Bassler

Kira Bassler

Worship and Prayer Focus

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We believe the Lord has gifted us with specific passions and interests.

When you sign up for Messengers DTS, you will have the opportunity to choose a targeted focus. In it you will receive specific training for select hours in the week.

Justice and Compassion



Music (Worship and Prayer)


Basketball (Athlete)